2009/2010: USA: Rotary/PAX: Invitations to join superintendent in hottub

Fortalt av Ragni Trotta

Exchange students Mathilde Laderud (PAX) and Louise Hoem Berge (Rotary International) of Norway, who were both placed in Vermont, stated their discomfort with the alleged repeated invitations by Superintendent Brent Kay to his cabin in Canada; alleged repeated invitations to join him in a hot tub; alleged repeated invitations to swim in a pond in the Superintendent’s backyard and alleged repeated offers by the Superintendent to receive a massage. And it wasn’t only Mathilde and Louise who received such invitations.  It was also another exchange student (name to follow), as well as two American teens. This Superintendent allegedly would also show up unannounced after a girl’s sporting event or dance and ‘just watch.’  Many students would complain about receiving a hug from this Superintendent that ‘lasted too long and made me feel creepy.’ Louise Hoem Berge (Rotary International) was later repatriated by Rotary based on lies, a story that made the TV2 website.


TV2 nyheter 2010.06.11

RUHS Takes Disciplinary Action After Investigating Teen Parties 

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