Brev til vertsfamilien fra foreldrene/Letter to host-family from parents

Dear host family,

My name is (parent). I am (student)’s mother. His father is (father), and (student)  has an older brother called (siblings). In addition, our family consists of (pets).

Our family lives in a regular, middle-class, residential area. The woods are only a couple of minutes away, and swimming requires a bike-ride. Half an hour’s drive takes us to the capitol, Oslo and the fjord.

(Sibling) and (student) are incredibly different. (Sibling) is shy and introvert while (student) is anything but. (Student) has always loved adults. If anyone offered him their lap, he would take it. We kept on expecting him to “get over it” and enter a shy stage, but as long as his parents were somewhere in the vicinity he felt safe. He took his time starting his race towards independence, but a couple of years ago he took off. Since then, he has tried on his independence shoes and he seems to fitting into them fairly well.

What I like the most about (student) is his sense of humor. Both he and I end up being the only ones who laugh at our own jokes and we often do not get other people’s. We do, however, enjoy laughing at each other’s sense of humor. What frustrates me the most about (student) is how stubborn he can be at times. He has that from me as well. It doesn’t really matter whether he is right or wrong, what matters is that he disagrees with whatever I want to be true.

(Student) gets along well with children who are younger than himself and with adults. Many of the interests of the kids his own age haven’t caught on with him yet. He’d rather be outside and active than inside and in front of a pc. Programs about trucking and machines will hold his attention for hours at a time, if we let him. It seems he is going to be able to utilize this interest in his studies. He is taking vocational classes. There he is learning how to drive various vehicles used by logistical companies. After he has gotten his regular license, his school will pay for the additional classes needed to get his truck-driver’s license.

Water fights are one of (student)’s favorite hobbies when the weather here is warm. There is something about water that has an incredible attraction for him. When he was little this could have unfortunate results for our home, but thankfully he has outgrown his flooding tendencies.

(Student) likes knowing what rules apply in different situations. That way he gets to concentrate on the important stuff rather than having to try to figure out what he is allowed or not allowed to do in a given social situation.

According to (student) we are incredibly boring parents. This is probably true. We’re also ancient beings, and that is also true seen with the eyes of a 16-year old.

(Student) has dyslexia. That makes him a slow reader. He loves reading though and uses audio books so he can get through as many books as he wants to. I also read to him sometimes. He seems to like just about any category. Whether he is reading scientific magazines or mysteries doesn’t matter. If the subject interests him, he’ll absorb details that often escape other people.

My hope for a host family is that they will be people who will care for, and care about, my son. Religion or family structure does not matter to us. What we need are decent people who don’t mind boys who don’t fit the stereotypes in all ways. (student) is, after all, one of the two most precious people in our lives.

Best regards


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