EF Education First: «Agreement»

Her har dere enda en såkalt «agreement». Denne ble skrevet på tross av at utvekslingseleven hadde gjort det hun kunne for å få ting til å funke. I avtalen står det «respect mother». Med det menes vertsmor.

Good Morning XXXX:

After discussion with XXXX, she has promised to stay here in America with the XXXX family to complete her high school exchange year. She has created a contract of actions which will be performed throughout her stay in the XXXX home.


I, XXXX promise to do the following things on my list:

– Be social with the family and others

– Love and respect my mother

– do my homework and go to school

– keep myself busy after school

– eat the food they give me

– speak english

– be excited and learn

– stay with the family, and spend less time on the computer

– behave respectful and nice

– stop crying

– stop complaining

– stop acting like a spoiled brat

– give this opportunity and schoolyear a good try

I will do my very best to make this year a success. I will not just give the chance away. I will appreciate everything my mother have done for me.

XXXX is a very talented and sweet young lady. Her behavior reflects one who almost allowed fear to hold her back. Thank you for encouraging her and placing her back on the track of growth.

Nettie Lowery



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