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 Probation Letter


Dear XXXX,

I recently received reports that you continue to have difficulties adjusting to your host family, their rules and expectations and those of the AYUSA program. There are only two and a half months left of your program and these problems should have been overcome at this time.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you that you are officially on probation with AYUSA and to clarify with you what we expect of you as an AYUSA student.  Failure to make an effort to abide by host family and AYUSA rules could result in dismissal with the AYUSA program.

It has been reported to me that you:

  • Do not show your host family respect by following their rules.
  • Are not communicating with your community representative to discuss the problems you are having when they occur.
  • Complain about difficulties such as liking the food in America but you have not tried any of the suggestions your community representative and host family have made.
  • Have not made a real attempt at being a family member despite the differences in your interests.
  • Are not completing homework in a timely or disciplined way.
  • Expect the host family to pay for your personal expenses.

As an AYUSA student it is expected that you will treat your host family and their home with respect, and follow all AYUSA and Host Family rules.  I realize that adjusting to new situations can be challenging.  However, you were selected for this program because we believe that you have the maturity and capability to deal with the demands of a year in the United States .

The following are suggestions on what you can do to show that you are serious about having a successful experience on the AYUSA program:

  • Re-read the Student Handbook you were given in orientation and report back to your Community Representative what you have read.
  • Follow all rules without debate.
  • Communicate with your Community Representative once a week for the remainder of the program.  Discuss a day and time you will call or meet with Terry each week.
  • Accept suggestions about food.  You are welcome to prepare your own meals or snacks if there are meals you do not like.  Ask to go to the supermarket with your host parents when they shop so you can purchase extra items you prefer.  Buy a rice cooker to have rice with meals if this is important to you.  Cook meals for your host family once in a while that are typical from your country so you can share your culture with them.
  • Complete homework when you first get home from school, and then play.  If you have homework over the weekend, complete it on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • Host Families are not responsible for extra items such as dining out, movies, school expenses or personal items. AYUSA host families voluntarily host students and their generosity of having you live with them for the academic year is greatly appreciated.  If it were not for your host family accepting to host you, you would not be able to spend a year in the USA and go to school.  We expect that you will show your appreciation by thanking them and expressing it by treating them kindly and respectfully.  Any gifts you have given them are surely kind offers and a way to thank your host family but words and actions go a long way with host families.
  • Participate in the activities your host family does.  Your host family may have interests and activities that are different from your own but to form part of a family it is expected that you will spend the majority of your time with them.  You are welcome to make suggestions to them about things you would like to do with them and hopefully if it is something within their means they will do everything possible to try to do it.  You should be understanding and cooperative if they can’t however.

AYUSA expects that you will take this probation letter very seriously and will make strides toward changing your attitude and behavior and completing a successful year in the U.S.  We anticipate that you will act, for the remainder of your stay, in a manner befitting an AYUSA student and a junior ambassador of Hong Kong .  After reading this letter, please sign the copy enclosed and mail it back to me at the following address by April 1, 2006

Whitney Hollien, Regional Manager
2528 ½ Bath Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

I have read and understand this Probation Letter.

______________________________                        _______________

(Student Name)                                                          (Date)


Whitney Hollien
AYUSA International

cc: Regional Director – Ronda Clark

WSC – Bill Liu

AYUSA – San Francisco Director –   Claudia Gey

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