UK: Entry requirements

Hentet fra Study in Britain and Ireland’s sider.

Om dere reiser med et utvekslingsbyrå skal de sørge for at dere ordner dette på riktig måte. Det er derfor dere betaler dem. Alle utgifter til visa kommer i tillegg.

European Economic Area
If you are a national of a European Union country or are from Norway or Iceland you are free to enter the UK to study, live and work and you do not need a visa.  … Icelandic and Norwegian students have to pay full fees as international students, but do not need work visas and so can fund their course by working.

Non-visa Nationals:
Non-visa nationals are from countries that don’t require a visa to enter Britain, you can arrive with the necessary documentation and be issued the visa when you arrive. You need:

  • Proof that you have been accepted onto a full-time course at a UK school … (totaling 15 or more hours a week).
  • A letter from your new school or college, … on their official headed paper, to state that you have paid your deposit and/or your tuition fees.
  • Proof that you have the funds to pay for your study and living expenses … (travellers’ cheques, a bank draft drawn on a UK bank, letters or bank documents from sponsors, or a combination of all these things). You will have to show that you can support yourself financially without relying on the British welfare state or by working to fund your studies.

If you are staying for longer than six months, it is advisable to submit your documentation to the British Embassy/High Commission in your own country and get entry clearance (a visa) prior to arrival. Your status can still be challenged but you have the right to lodge an appeal and remain in Britain while your case is heard.»

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