Problemer: Seksualforbryter dømt

Man hosting exchange student arrested

Lloyd Lindquist, 78, arrested on video voyeurism, child porn charges.

Student Exchange Agency: Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) and CCI Greenheart |  formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)

CSFES Note: It appears Lindquist also hosted students from the following agencies:

  • ASPECT Foundation
  • Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA)
  • CCI Greenheart  (Formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange CCI)
  • EF Foundation
  • Uninity of Indy

Lloyd Lindquist – Tavares PD Affidavit of Probable Cause Aug-4-14



W/M DOB- 03/15/1936 xxxx
HEIGHT: 5’09” WEIGHT: 175 LBS.


WHEREAS, Detective Sarah Coursey of the Tavares Police Department, she this day, made oath before me that on, about, or between December 31, 2009 and the 18th day of May, A.D. 2014, that the following events did occur in the City of Tavares in Lake County, Florida. Defendant did:
Commit the offenses of VIDEO VOYEURISM (9 counts) F.S.S 810.145(a) by unlawfully obtaining/transmitting/broadcasting/and/or recording with an imaging device, visual images of another person, who should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The offense of POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (2 counts) F.S.S 827.07l(5)(a) by possessing a photograph, motion picture, exhibition, show, representation, or other presentation which, in whole or in part, he or she knows to include any sexual conduct by a child.

On May 18, 2014, at approximately 1300 hours, Officer Bledsoe responded to the lobby of the Tavares Police Department, in reference to the victim, xxxx, locating a “spy camera,” in his bathroom. The victim stated that he was a foréign exchange student from Germany and had been living with the defendant, his host, Lloyd Lindquist, since August 13, 2013. The victim stated that approximately two weeks prior to locating the “spy camera,” he was using the defendant’s computer and observed several gay pornographic images, at which time; he began to look through the defendant’s browser history and located web sites for digital spy clock cameras and other spy camera systems. The victim stated that approximately one week later he observed the defendant checking his email, on the same computer, at Which time he saw an email confirmation for the purchase of a “spy camera.” The victim stated that on Saturday, May 17, 2014, he observed a mirror style, digital clock, which was placed in his bathroom. It should be noted that the victim is the only person that utilizes this bathroom, the defendant has a master bathroom attached to his bedroom. The victim advised that he then opened the back of the mirror style, digital clock. The victim located a memory card and USB p011, at which time; he took photos of the clock to use as evidence.

The victim stated that he “googled” images of spy clock cameras and confirmed that the above mentioned clock was indeed a “spy camera.” The victim showed the photographic images of the “spy camera,” to Officer Bledsoe, who confirmed to your affiant that he did observe the images on the victim’s phone.

On May 18, 2014, your affiant secured a lawful search warrant on the defendant’s residence, 4481 Marsh Harbor Drive, Tavares, Lake County, Florida, and was executed on the same. During the lawful execution of the above mentioned search warrant, several items were seized and secured in order for further digital analysis to be conducted. Your affiant was able to view video evidence which was stored on an SD card, located by Officer Robinson, in the defendant’s master bedroom, of the defendant “setting up” the digital spy clock camera in the victim’s bathroom. This SD card was previously located in the digital spy clock camera. The video that was located on the SD card shows the defendant programming the spy camera. Further investigation reveals the defendant walking into the bathroom and observing the spy clock camera, to which he then makes a phone call using his cell phone. The victim advised it was at this time, he flipped the spy clock camera over to take pictures and to stop any future recordings.

Your affiant secured a separate search warrant for the items seized; digital storage devices, a laptop, cameras, digital spy camera clock, computer hard drive/PC, and any other imaging and/or storage devices to be sent for forensic computer analysis. The above mentioned items were taken by Detective Harvey, to the Seminole County Sheriff‘s Office on May 27, 2014.

On July 31, 2014, at approximately 1315 hours your affiant traveled to the Seminole County Sheriff‘s and made contact with Investigator Sara Klein, Seminole County Sheriffs Office. Your affiant obtained the forensic analysis report from Investigator Klein, who explained her findings. The report revealed the defendant had multiple AVI. files, Item 11-(SanDisk Micro SD Card), which were recorded on the spy clock camera. The AVI. files are video images of the juvenile victim in the bathroom, being recorded Without his knowledge, in an area that he believed to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The juvenile victim is seen pulling his pants down, using the toilet, and attempting to cover his genitalia. The AVI. files also show recordings of the defendant setting up the “spy clock camera.”

Further investigation revealed several videos, Notable Files from Item 3(Gateway Desktop computer, user account “Lloyd”), of an unknown male, under the age of 18, masturbating. One such video shows an unknown male, under the age of 18, sitting at a laptop masturbating. The other video shows another unknown male, under the age of 18, masturbating over a toilet in a bathroom. Another video is of an unknown male, under the age of 18 toweling off, genitals exposed. These recordings were taken off a video baby monitor by another recording device, an Olympis Digital Camera and stored on the defendant’s computer.

Your affiant contacted the foreign exchange student’s host agencies in reference to these charges. Forte International Exchange Association and CCI Greenheart have both provided the names of the juvenile males, supporting documents as to their ages, and dates they were placed in the defendant’s residence. All subjects were under the age of 18 at the time they were placed into the defendant’s residence and attended Tavares High School. These files have been placed into evidence at the Tavares Police Department along with all other supporting documents and evidence pertaining to this case.






I reviewed this Affidavit of Probable Cause and find there ( is , is not) probable cause to hold and bind over for trial the defendant names in this affidavit.

DATED DAY OF ………. 2014



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