Aspect Foundation / Aspect Education / Kaplan U.K.

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Kaplan, Inc.

  • Kaplan UK Ltd.
    • Aspect Education Limited
      • Aspect Foundation, Inc
        • Aspect Cultural Exchange merged with AF


1985: Aspect Foundation, Incorporated California, C1265653, (non-profit), president Vivian Fearen

1998: Subsidiary of Sylvan Learning Systems:
(vi) To the knowledge of the Company, any of the Subsidiaries, or the Stockholders, after reasonable inquiry, each non-profit organization with which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has entered into an Exchange Contract, including Aspect Foundation, Inc. and International Education Forum (“IEF”), …

2000: Sylvan Learning Systems Inc. sells Aspect Foundation, Inc. to Optagon Holdings Ltd. (name changed to: Aspect Educational Holdings Limited – Aspect Education Limited = Kaplan).
(viii) Aspect Foundation Inc. Such trustees and officers of Aspect Foundation, Inc. as are designated by Buyer to Sellers shall have tendered, effective at the Closing, their resignations as such trustees and officers, and individuals designated by Buyer shall be appointed to replace such trustees and officers.

2000: Aspect Cultural Exchange merged in with Aspect Foundation.

2006: Aspect Education Limited operates as a subsidiary of Kaplan U.K. Limited.

2009: Aspect Foundation (DBA Aspect Foundation), Incorporated Washington, 601403559, (non-profit), president Vivian Fearen Aspect Education UK Ltd /  211 Sutter St / 10th Floor / San Francisco, CA 94108 / Tel: (415) 228 8050 / Fax: (415) 228 8051 / takes you immediately to Registrant: Kaplan Inc. / 395 Hudson Street / New York, NY 10014 / Tel: (212) 492 5800 / Fax: (646) 365 3216 /

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