My Education / Rejsespecialisten / NKF Holding

NKF Holding ApS (2010)

100% owner of the below firms:


In 1996 Niels Køhler Frandsen established ApS KBUS 38 Nr. 3061. Its name was first changed to IST Internationale Sprog-og Studierejser ApS. In 2003 the name Rejsespecialisten ApS came into use. Rejsespecialisten is registered as a travel agency and is used by MyEducation and EuroStudy International firms as their travel agency.

  • CVRP-nr: 1003660864 and CVR-nr: 19043231

MyEducation DK/NO/UK are all subsidiaries of Rejsespecialisten. MyEducation DK is not registered as a separate entity in the Danish registries. It does, however, as seen above, have its own web-site. If you google:

  • myeducation, udveksling or
  • myeducation, udvekslingsstudent several Danish MyEducation student exchange blogs will pop up.

NKF Holding ApS was established in 2010 by Niels Køhler Frandsen as a holding company for his travel-related companies. NKF Holding is located in København, Denmark.

  • CVR-nr: 33035195

MyEducation – Norge AS was established in Norway in 2012 by NKF Holding ApS. Its temporary name was Inceptum 634 AS. NKF has registered as «other education not mentioned elsewhere«.

  • 998 516 234

My Education (UK) Ltd was established in Hampshire, England by Michael Anthony Clifford (professional registrar) in 2013 as an «Cultural Education/Other Reservation Service And Related Activities» industry.

  • Company number: 08603393

In 2015 EuroStudy International Aps, another Danish student exchange firm, was purchased by Rejsespecialisten. According to, EuroStudy was established in 1995 by Karin Busk Demuth. Ms. Demuth is still listed as contact person for EuroStudy. On their website, EuroStudy states they were established in 1982. However, according to herself, Ms. Demuth spent the years from 1982-1995 representing a language travel group based in England.

  • Company number: 18390779

Frandsen is also part-owner of Headset Shop ApS. His partner is Sven Caning.


Trustpilot: MyEducation dk / EuroStudy Aps


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