October 8, 2012 our son returned to Norway after a series of unfortunate experiences while in the care of Forte International Exchange Association US and Into Education Norway (Mikkel’s sak). My son’s experiences opened my eyes to the darker side of the exchange industry.

Soon after he returned home, I started this blog. Trygghetforutvekslingseleven.com was at first a place where I could express how terrible I felt that the values of the exchange business was when things did not go their way. I wanted to know if were were alone in having our experiences and soon discovered that we were not. Difficult experiences among exchange students showed up in all places exchanges students were sent.

Eventually, the first family contacted me and we worked with their case. Since then, there have been more cases but no where near as many as could need help. Obviously, people need to know about me and know that I am serious about what I do.

At this point, I am a part of the world-wide volunteer organization CSFES. CSFES has its main office in the US. CSFES helps the exchange students who travel to the US. My corner of CSFES is called CSFES Norway. CSFES Norway is a one-woman organization about to be registered in Brønnøysundregisteret. What work I do is done on a volunteer basis.

CSFES Norway main goals are:

  • to further the interests of exchange students in society,
  • to function as a contact network for exchange students.
  • to promote a safer life for exchange students



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