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Forte (Group) International, Inc. / Forte International Exchange Association / Astar Education Institute

This is all the company information I have been able to dig up on Forte International Exchange Association and its parent/sister groups.

Foreign student exchange

You will see from the below that the while the various firms might be registered as separate firms they share a lot of details. I hope I have managed to keep the information straight. The head of Forte Mubiao Chen / Yaping Zhang is originally from Nanchang

Forte International Inc. (reg.no: 930278) was incorporated in District of Columbia by Yaping Zhang in 1993. They advertise themselves as a Washington D.C. based consulting firm that arranges business trips for private and public sectors in China and the US. FI used to be authorized carriers. This is no longer the case.

National Press Building
529 14TH ST NW # 270
Washington, District of Columbia 20004
Telephone: (202) 628 8180 / (202) 833-4167 / Fax: (202) 296-8685
Mr Ping Zhang

7115 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, Virginia 22043
Telephone: 703-237-1688 (Shared with Forte International Exchange Association)
Website: http://www.forteusa.org / http://www.forteintl.com

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EF Education First in Sweden / Universal Care SARL

EF Education First/Signum International SARL

  • Universal Care SARL: B83591
    • EF Student Travel AB
      • EF Cultural Tours/EF Education BV
        • EF Education AB
        • EF Education AS
        • EF Education OY
        • EF Education ApS
        • EF Education Ltd
          • EF Ett Studieår Utomlands
          • EF Global Transport AB
          • Akire Services AB (filters money to and from insurance companies)
        • EF Foundation
        • Hult
      • Erika Försäkringsaktiebolag/Erika Insurance
      • Tagettak AB


EF Education AB was established in Sweden in 1965. The company kept on growing and adding subsidiaries. In 2001 the management firm Universal Care SARL was established in Luxembourg as the parent company to EF Education AB and its subsidiaries.

The company division in Sweden looks something like this:

Universal Care SARL: B83591

  • EF Cultural Tours
    • EF Education AB
      • EF Ett Studieår Utomlands, EF Foundation, EF Au Pair, Europeiska Ferieskolan, EF Internationella Språkresor, EF Internationella Språkskolor, EF Learn a Language, EF Corporate Language Training, EF High School Year, Cultural Care, EF Student Travel AB, EF Global Transport AB, Akire Services AB, Ecom Fastighetsaktiebolag and Erika Försäkringsaktiebolag

In addition, the firm Hotel Attachè AB is also part of the Hult empire along with Filmmakers Stockholm AB and Real Add AB (Danderyd).

For Universal Care S.A.R.L there are two addresses listed. One is at Rue Goethe 22, 1637 Luxembourg. This is also the address for Signum International S.A.R.L. Looking up the address on Luxembourgs yellow pages only shows us the name of EF Education First (Sejours Linguistiques Etrangers). EF Education First’s contact info is EF Luxembourg, Phone: 352 26 48 27 48-1, Fax: 352 26 48 27 48-22.

Another address that appears for Universal Care S.A.R.L. is: 27 Avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg. One of the businesses at that address is the bank BGL BNP Paribas. One of their offers is:

«Ensemble EF Education First et BGL BNP Paribas vous accordent une offre exclusive»

This basically means that in conjunction with EF BGL are offering you a loan with what they consider great interest rates.

In 1966 Europeiska Ferieskolan Aktiebolag created the subsidiary Ferieskolan Anglo-Swedish Institute Aktiebolag. In 1976 it changed its name to EF Institutet för Språkstudier Aktiebolag. Then its name was changed to EF Institute Aktiebolag in 1979. But because the courts in 1985 found that this latest name amounted to theft of another firms name, EF Institute Aktiebolag could no longer be used. At some point the firm was given the name EF Student Travel AB (556104-6854). EF Student Travel is listed as 100% shareholder of EF Cultural Tours AB. However, another site claims that it was merged with another EF firm.

EF Cultural Tours AB (556096-6649) was established in Sweden in 1965. They are direct subsidiaries of Universal Care SARL. EF Education AB is a subsidiary of EF Cultural Tours AB. It was established in Sweden in 1965 as Europeiska Ferieskolan. Most of its details are the same as the one for EF Cultural Tours AB.

EF Education AB has several subsidiaries within various areas of the travel business. Everything from Insurance and management to tours and transportation is included under the umbrella that is EF.

EF Au Pair has become Cultural Care Au Pair. Cultural Care Sweden AB is part of the larger Cultural Care Au Pair group with EF.

EF Global Transport AB

Ecom Fastighetsaktiebolag

Akire Services AB manages premiums and payments of three insurance agencies. Manages Ecom, Tagetak (hotels) and

Erika Försäkringsaktiebolag / Erika FörsäkringsAB (Publ)

1985: Ekonomisk Företagsledning (EF) Aktiebolag vs EF Institute Aktiebolag

1993: Fastigheten köptes av EF Språkresor men såldes 1993 vidare till bolagets grundare Bertil Hult

1998: Ordblind – störst i världen på språk

1998: Krig mellan EF och STS

2001: EF vs Explorica

2001: Artiklar om Bertil Hults fester

2003: EF vs Zefer

2004: «Lång mammaledighet hindrar kvinnors karriär»

2007: Spritfester på språkresor trots förbud

2007: Louise Julian: Passion och känsla

2008: Överenskomst mellan EF Educational Foundation and STS Språkresor

2011: EF Cultural Tours AB säljer administrativa tjänster till bolag inom EF gruppen

2012: EF följer alltid Arns beslut

2012: Fick rekordhög ersättning

2013: Uppdrag Granskning: Den hemlige mångmiljardären

2013: Uppdrag Granskning: Källmateriell

2013: Hemliga miljardären anklagad för skatteplanering

Updated 14th September 2016

EF Education First AS (EF in Norway)

EF Education First/Signum International SARL

  • Universal Care SARL: B83591


My previous articles about the Hult empire were about Signum and Erika. In this post I thought I would let you know more about the Norwegian corner of the firm.

Basic business structure of EF Education in Europe
Basic business structure of EF Education in Europe


1965: Ef Education Aktiebolag (987 380 780) was established and registered in 2004. Its official address is in Stockholm, Sweden.

1975: Ef Education Den Europeiske Ferieskolen AS (919 782 463) was established in Norway and registered in 1989. In 2011 its name was changed to EF Education First AS. EF Education First AS is considered a subsidiary of EF Education BV (who is a subsidiary of EF Colleges Ltd.).

  • EF Education Bv holds 100% of its stock.
  • Kirsti Kollenborg has followed the company for a very long time.
  • The Board of Directors per 2014 consists of:
  • –    Björn Daniel Bengtsson (Zurich) – Chairman*
  • –    Per Jonas Kjerfve – Member **
  • –    Reserve: Kirsti Kollenborg (kirsti.kollenborg@ef.com)
  • –    Manager: Lena Sjøttem (lena.sjottem@ef.no)
  • In 2011 Kirsti Kollenborg was made CEO of the company.
  • EF Education First AS employs 19 people. It is the largest for-profit exchange firm in Norway.

2004: Ef Education Aktiebolag (987 380 772) was established in Norway with Kirsti Kollenborg as contact person with c/o EF Education AS. Its official address is in Stockholm, Sweden.

* Björn Daniel Bengtsson: In addition to his position in Ef Education First AS NO, Mr. Bengtsson also holds senior positions in the following firms:

  • Ef International Language Schools Limited,
  • EF Servicios de Suporto SA,
  • EF Education (Deutschland) GmbH,
  • EF Education First A/S DK,
  • EF Education OY,
  • Cultural Care Germany GmbH,
  • EF Online Learning Ltd.,
  • EF Escuela Internacional de Espanõl SA
  • Acne Norway AS (owned by Acne Studios AB),
  • Rutistrasse AB – 56 Rutistrasse Zurich

** Per Jonas Kjerfve additional positions are in the following firms:

2001: Gratis skole koster flesk

2005: De kalte meg hore

2005: Utvekslingsmareritt

2006: Kvalitetskontrollen god nok

2007: Selskaper tilknyttet Reisegarantifondet

2009: When a foreign exchange year goes bad

2010: Hostage in America

2010: Barn på fylleturer, eller …?

2010: Språkreise var partyferie for mindreårige

2010: Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbman for Minnesota interviewed re problems with the exchange industry

2011: 10/487: Avslag på søknad om å delta på utvekslingsprogram var i strid med diskriminerings- og tilgjengelighetsloven

2011: Diabetes stoppet studiedrømmen

2012: Tilbakeviser kritikken

2012: Complaint to the US Department of State against EF and their representative Nettie Lowery

2012: EFs svar på høringsutkastet fra Kunnskapsdepartementet

2012: Ble sendt hjem etter at vertsfamilien leste hennes private SMS

2013: 15-åring plassert hos kjederøykende vertsmor

2013: Morten Davidsen (morten.davidsen@ef.com) previous country manager for Norway now works for the Hong Kong branch of EF

2013: USA drømmen ble et mareritt for Trude (17)

2014: All Nippon Airways (ANA) partnered with EF Education

2014: Bertil Hult NOK 26 milliarder

2014: Reiste hjem til Norge

EF Education First / Signum International S.a r.l.

Signum International SARL/EF Education First

  • Universal Care SARL: B83591


2004Signum International S.a r.l (a company of EF Education First Group).

2009: Assignment No. 6638: from EF Colleges Ltd., Haldenstrasse 4, CH-6006 Luzern, Switzerland to Signum International Sarl Luxembourg, Zug Branch, Zeughausgasse 9a, CH-6301 Zug, Switzerland, by virtue of a Deed of Assignment dated 09/11/2009.

2013: Change of name and address of proprietor from Signum International Sarl Luxembourg, Zug Branch, Zeughausgasse 9a, CH-6301 Zug, Switzerland to Signum International S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, Luzern Branch, Haldenstrasse 4, CH-6006 Luzern, Switzerland recorded on 08/10/13

2013: Year report for Signum

  • Upon creation, Signum International S.a.r.l. became EF Colleges Ltd’s assignee. Their job is the provision of management and human resources services and the acquisition, management and sale of investments.
  • Signum International owns and manages EF Trademarks, EF patents, EF domains and Brittin College B.V.

The head office in Luxembourg (B99785) has two addresses listed. The most recent address is Rue Michel Rodange 28, 2430 Luxembourg City. However, the only firms listed at that address are My Energy and Agence de l’Energie S.A.

The old address of 22 Rue Goethe, 1637 Luxembourg City is registered to EF Education First (Tel. : 26 48 27 48 1), but not Signum.

Signum International S.A.R.L. can be contacted at +01 212 813-5900 / 212-813-5995 ( Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C. – trademark, copyright, design patent and unfair competition law) in New York, USA) att: Attorney Susan Upton Douglass sdouglass@frosszelnick.com

Luzern Branch (CH-
Haldenstrasse 4 – 6006 Luzern
Telephone: +41 414174500 / Fax: +41 414174671 /
Email: info.lu@ef.com

  • Andreas Stjärnström
  • Asa E. Rangne Blendow (EF Colleges Ltd / EF Education First AG / EF Cultural Travel Ltd / Cultural Care Holding Ltd)
  • Stefan Arts (EF Cultural Tours S.a.r.l.)
  • Martin Hallander (GT Services Ltd. (CH- / EF Cultural Tours S.a.r.l.)
    • Tobias Jan Gunnar Sjöberg worked for both Signum International and GT Services Ltd. from 2012 until March 2014. Since then Sjöberg has worked for GT Services. Tobias Sjöberg has worked for both EF Cultural Tours Management GmbH / EF Cultural Tours GmbH in 2013 and 2014.
    • Kurt Bättig worked for Signum International until 2014. He now works with Toweroffice Ltd (c/o EF Cultural Tours GmbH) / Tetron AG (c/o Toweroffice Ltd.) / Marshfield Energy Switzerland AG (c/o Toweroffice Ltd) / AltoCumulus GmbH / Mercator Finance SA


2004: Brittin College BV, Netherlands (30146268) / De Boelelaan 7 / 1083HJ Amsterdam / Principal place of business / (Trademark owner Signum 2012/2004): Financial holdings

2005: E F Brittin College Ltd / EF Brittin College Ltd / EF International Academy UK Ltd (aka: EF University Preparation) (05573713): General secondary education

2009: «As of August 2009 EF Brittin College will be known as EF University Preparation. EF University Preparation is a division of EF Education First»:

Review of EF Brittin College

Court cases:

2008: Signum International S.a.r.l. v. Education For Employment Foundation

2014: Signum International Sarl v. Eprize, Inc.

Patent rights:

2013: Owner of patent for «Computerized Learning Methods and Systems for Use in Group-Learning Settings» (Developers: Madeleine Thun (Bromma, SE) Christopher Mccormick (Walchwil, CH) David William Bish (Adlsiwil, CH) Dmitry Makarenko (London, GB) Pedro David Cardoso Gomes (London, GB))

Copyrights of EF written material belong to:

SIGNUM INTERNATIONAL S.a.r.1. Luxembourg Luzern Branch
Haldenstrasse 4
6006 Luzern Switzerland
© Signum International S.a.r.1. Luxemb ourg, Luzern Branch, Luzern, 2012

SIGNUM INTERNATIONAL S.a.r.1. Luxembourg Luzern Branch stands as registrar and owner of the following trademarks:

  • Brittin
  • Brittin College
  • Destination Go
  • EF
  • EF America
  • Efekta
  • Efekta Insurance
  • EF Baby Genius
  • EF Class Trips
  • EF Class Tours
  • EF Colleges Ltd.
  • EF College Study Tours
  • EF Cultural Tours Sarl
  • EF Cultural Tours Sarl, Zug Branch
  • EF Education First
  • EF Educational Tours
  • EF English First
  • EF English First B.v.
  • EF EPI English Proficiency Index
  • EF Explore Amercia
  • EF Global Classrom Foundation
  • EF High School Exchange Year
  • EF Journeys
  • EFSet
  • EF Smart School
  • EF Teachers and Students Exploring America
  • EF Tours
  • EF World Journeys
  • EF Worldwide Journeys
  • eLab
  • Englishtown
  • ETrav: Educational Travel Alliance (eTrav) Inc.: EF Educational Tours
  • GoAhead
  • GoAhead Tours
  • Go Ahead Vacations
  • GoED
  • GoEF
  • Hult
  • Hult International Business School
  • Hult International Business School established 1964 Hult
  • Hult University
  • iStory
  • Live the Language
  • Talk to the World
  • The Global Classroom
  • Trifekta
  • World Town
  • You Should Go

I’m not sure how Signum International Ltd fits in, or if they fit in at all, but I found this advertisement in The Royal Gazette:

1998: CPC Consultancy Ltd (03501558) was established in England. Its name was changed to Signum International Ltd. in 1998.*

MJM Limited Barristers & Attorneys “Thistle House” 4 Burnaby Street Hamilton, HM 11 Attorney for the Intended Administrators Assignment without Goodwill Trade Marks Nos. 27639, 27751 and 27752 Application was filed on 21 January 2014 to record the assignment of trade marks nos. 27639 “EF ENGLISH FIRST & Device“ in class 9, 27751 “EF ENGLISH FIRST & Device“ in class 41, and 27752 “EF ENGLISH FIRST & Device“ in class 16 from Signum International Ltd. to Signum International S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, Luzern Branch of Haldenstrasse 7, CH-6006 Luzern, Switzerland, without the goodwill of the business concerned in the goods for which the trade marks are registered. (p. 38 The Royal Gazette, 2014-02-21)


2012 Mar 13: EF Education First EF Tours RACKET



2010 Year end subsidiaries of EF English First B.V.

2010 Year End Statement showing the subsidiaries of EF English First B.V. (From Uppdrag Granskning: Bertil Hult dated 2013 Sep 25)

EF English First BV

EF Education: Erika Travel Insurance / Efekta Insurance

Please note the potential conflict of interest as Erika/Efekta are part of the EF/Hult empire.

EF Education First/Signum International SARL

  • Universal Care SARL: B83591


EF has this to say about Erika Insurance:

EF offers you a travel insurance coverage specially designed for exchange programs abroad. With this comprehensive insurance coverage you may feel totally secure. … This travel insurance coverage is tailor-made for an EF student … Moreover, EF staff recognises the Erika product and can assist you while abroad. (Erika)

Erika Försäkringsaktiebolag was established in 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden. The usual EF people sit on its board: Åsa Elisabeth S Rangne Blendow and Bill Erling Andreasson. Its head office in Sweden shares address with EF Corporation, Sweden:

In the US students are asked to

Remember that Erika Insurance and Aetna insurance are separate companies; however, Erika works with Aetna and Aetna is the name that healthcare providers will recognize!

Erika Insurance buyers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Holland are asked to go through AXA Assistance. Italian students go through Inter Partner Assistance and All other nationalities are to use contact Falck TravelCare.

At the top of the page you will see how Erika Insurance fits into the EF empire.

Hult International Business School also uses Erika. Once again the rules are the same

Insurance plans are provided by AETNA for US locations, Erika Medical insurance for London, Dubai, and Shanghai.

Efekta Insurance International, Ltd. is another EF company that is linked to Erika. For tax purposes it is located in Hamilton, Bermuda (Reg.no: 35879). Tobias Sjöberg is its Director of Operations. US head offices are the same as the rest of the EF corporation in the US: One Education St, Cambridge MA 02141. Repeat performances are by board members Martha Doyle, Peter Nilsson, Jens Appelkvist and Rosa Gyllenhaal.

Efekta has lists as their customers:

  • Go Ahead Tours
  • EF Educational Tours – US
  • EF Educational Tours – Canada
  • EF College Break and
  • EF College Study Tours

2004: «Since the divestment of third party business in 2003, there has been a significant increase in the credit and liquidity risk associated with Erika as it cedes 85% of the gross premiums written to Efekta, (EF’s reinsurance captive based in Bermuda). Credit and liquidity risk is further exacerbated by a non-callable loan arrangement between Efekta and an EF group subsidiary.»

2011: Subsidiaries of EF Education BV

Information was found in the Swedish Television program Uppdrag Granskning: Bertil Hult‘s source material list: 2011: Year end financial statement for EF Education BV

EF Education AG - subsidiaries 1

EF Education AG - subsidiaries 2

EF Education AG - subsidiaries 3