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2012 October: Closure of EF High School Exchange Programs in Australia and New Zealand

As soon as I know more about what this is about I will post the information.

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The sudden closure of EF High School Exchange programs in Australia and New Zealand has come as a shock to many in the industry and left dozens of EF applicants and their parents anxious and uncertain about their planned exchange. Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd has responded to the current crisis by:

  • Committing to do everything possible to place EF applicants in their country of choice for their preferred departure
  • Working with our overseas partners to ensure sufficient places are available for EF applicants
  • Making the application and selection process for EF applicants as smooth as possible recognising the current predicament is not of their making

If you are affected by the closure of EF in Australia or New Zealand and are looking to get your exchange back on track please call us now (Australia 1300 135 331 or New Zealand 0800 440 079) to talk with one of our staff or email Nicky Butler, Deputy National Director:

We will do everything we can to assist your application at this difficult time.

Nick Lorentzen
National Director

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