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Speak Holding / Aspect/Speak

Speak Holding ApS (2007) Under tvangsoppløsning per oktober 2017.


In 1988 ASSE Norwegian Educational Travel AS (948 156 989) was established in Norway by Svenska Statens Språkresor AB. In 1997 the company was sold to Aspect Education Ltd. in the UK. Lars Henrik Wollebekk took over management of the Danish branch of Aspect Education in 2000 after working for EF Education. He took over the company and and changed its name to Language Education Denmark A/S.


At the same time LHW established Speak Europe AS (882 354 512) in Norway. Owners are LHW. LHW also established Speak Norge AS (982 671 884)  in 2000. Speak Norge AS is the public face of Speak. Its current owner is Speak Holding. In 2001 the Norwegian branch of ASSE changed its name to Aspect Education Norway. LHW took over management and ownership of the firm in 2002 and changed its name to  Language Education Norge AS. While this remains its judicial name, Language Education Norge/Danmark/Sverige is currently known as Aspect High School. Its owner is listed as Speak Holding.


Speak Europe AS changed its name to European Language Group AS in 2003 and finally to Combank. It has a bureaucratic role in the company. Wollebekk expanded to the US in 2003 with European Language Group (US) LLC (200311510070) and Switzerland in 2004 as  ELG European Language Group Sàrl (CH-660.1.042.004-9). ELG Sarl became management firm for the various concerns managed and owned by LHW. LHW was in 2004 main shareholder in ELG Sarl, then only shareholder. All shares were later transferred to Speak Holding Aps.


Speak Education Nordic AB (556698-2301) is established as a Swedish subsidiary to ELG Sarl in 2006.  Further expansions happened in 2007 in  England as Speak Cultural Exchange UK Ltd. is established. They are a subsidiary of ELG Sarl. The financial crisis that hits the world in 2008 also affects LWH’s holdings. Slowly, sites that were available on the net disappear. ELG (US) and Speak Language Travel are listed as suspended in official papers.

In 2011 the Advisory Board Aps (33592124) in Denmark ( was founded. Speak Holding Aps (34891192) was established by LHW in Denmark in 2014.  2013: LHW tranferred his shares in ELG Sarl to Speak Holding Aps. Speak Education offices were established in Denmark.


Joca Eiendom AS (868 061 642) is established in Norway in 1993. Lars Wollebekk held ownership, but I do not know what his current role is in either the Norwegian or the Danish branch of the company. Joca Ejendom Danmark Aps (30584244) is founded in Denmark in 2007.

(This article was updated 14 October 2019)

Father and son are also member of and chairman of Sameiet Holmenkollen 103 board.

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