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Forte (Group) International, Inc. / Forte International Exchange Association / Astar Education Institute

This is all the company information I have been able to dig up on Forte International Exchange Association and its parent/sister groups.

Foreign student exchange

You will see from the below that the while the various firms might be registered as separate firms they share a lot of details. I hope I have managed to keep the information straight. The head of Forte Mubiao Chen / Yaping Zhang is originally from Nanchang

Forte International Inc. ( 930278) was incorporated in District of Columbia by Yaping Zhang in 1993. They advertise themselves as a Washington D.C. based consulting firm that arranges business trips for private and public sectors in China and the US. FI used to be authorized carriers. This is no longer the case.

National Press Building
529 14TH ST NW # 270
Washington, District of Columbia 20004
Telephone: (202) 628 8180 / (202) 833-4167 / Fax: (202) 296-8685
Mr Ping Zhang

7115 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, Virginia 22043
Telephone: 703-237-1688 (Shared with Forte International Exchange Association)
Website: /

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Problemer: Seksualforbryter dømt

Man hosting exchange student arrested

Lloyd Lindquist, 78, arrested on video voyeurism, child porn charges.

Student Exchange Agency: Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) and CCI Greenheart |  formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)

CSFES Note: It appears Lindquist also hosted students from the following agencies:

  • ASPECT Foundation
  • Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA)
  • CCI Greenheart  (Formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange CCI)
  • EF Foundation
  • Uninity of Indy

Lloyd Lindquist – Tavares PD Affidavit of Probable Cause Aug-4-14



W/M DOB- 03/15/1936 xxxx
HEIGHT: 5’09” WEIGHT: 175 LBS.


WHEREAS, Detective Sarah Coursey of the Tavares Police Department, she this day, made oath before me that on, about, or between December 31, 2009 and the 18th day of May, A.D. 2014, that the following events did occur in the City of Tavares in Lake County, Florida. Defendant did:
Commit the offenses of VIDEO VOYEURISM (9 counts) F.S.S 810.145(a) by unlawfully obtaining/transmitting/broadcasting/and/or recording with an imaging device, visual images of another person, who should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The offense of POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (2 counts) F.S.S 827.07l(5)(a) by possessing a photograph, motion picture, exhibition, show, representation, or other presentation which, in whole or in part, he or she knows to include any sexual conduct by a child.

On May 18, 2014, at approximately 1300 hours, Officer Bledsoe responded to the lobby of the Tavares Police Department, in reference to the victim, xxxx, locating a “spy camera,” in his bathroom. The victim stated that he was a foréign exchange student from Germany and had been living with the defendant, his host, Lloyd Lindquist, since August 13, 2013. The victim stated that approximately two weeks prior to locating the “spy camera,” he was using the defendant’s computer and observed several gay pornographic images, at which time; he began to look through the defendant’s browser history and located web sites for digital spy clock cameras and other spy camera systems. The victim stated that approximately one week later he observed the defendant checking his email, on the same computer, at Which time he saw an email confirmation for the purchase of a “spy camera.” The victim stated that on Saturday, May 17, 2014, he observed a mirror style, digital clock, which was placed in his bathroom. It should be noted that the victim is the only person that utilizes this bathroom, the defendant has a master bathroom attached to his bedroom. The victim advised that he then opened the back of the mirror style, digital clock. The victim located a memory card and USB p011, at which time; he took photos of the clock to use as evidence.

The victim stated that he “googled” images of spy clock cameras and confirmed that the above mentioned clock was indeed a “spy camera.” The victim showed the photographic images of the “spy camera,” to Officer Bledsoe, who confirmed to your affiant that he did observe the images on the victim’s phone.

On May 18, 2014, your affiant secured a lawful search warrant on the defendant’s residence, 4481 Marsh Harbor Drive, Tavares, Lake County, Florida, and was executed on the same. During the lawful execution of the above mentioned search warrant, several items were seized and secured in order for further digital analysis to be conducted. Your affiant was able to view video evidence which was stored on an SD card, located by Officer Robinson, in the defendant’s master bedroom, of the defendant “setting up” the digital spy clock camera in the victim’s bathroom. This SD card was previously located in the digital spy clock camera. The video that was located on the SD card shows the defendant programming the spy camera. Further investigation reveals the defendant walking into the bathroom and observing the spy clock camera, to which he then makes a phone call using his cell phone. The victim advised it was at this time, he flipped the spy clock camera over to take pictures and to stop any future recordings.

Your affiant secured a separate search warrant for the items seized; digital storage devices, a laptop, cameras, digital spy camera clock, computer hard drive/PC, and any other imaging and/or storage devices to be sent for forensic computer analysis. The above mentioned items were taken by Detective Harvey, to the Seminole County Sheriff‘s Office on May 27, 2014.

On July 31, 2014, at approximately 1315 hours your affiant traveled to the Seminole County Sheriff‘s and made contact with Investigator Sara Klein, Seminole County Sheriffs Office. Your affiant obtained the forensic analysis report from Investigator Klein, who explained her findings. The report revealed the defendant had multiple AVI. files, Item 11-(SanDisk Micro SD Card), which were recorded on the spy clock camera. The AVI. files are video images of the juvenile victim in the bathroom, being recorded Without his knowledge, in an area that he believed to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The juvenile victim is seen pulling his pants down, using the toilet, and attempting to cover his genitalia. The AVI. files also show recordings of the defendant setting up the “spy clock camera.”

Further investigation revealed several videos, Notable Files from Item 3(Gateway Desktop computer, user account “Lloyd”), of an unknown male, under the age of 18, masturbating. One such video shows an unknown male, under the age of 18, sitting at a laptop masturbating. The other video shows another unknown male, under the age of 18, masturbating over a toilet in a bathroom. Another video is of an unknown male, under the age of 18 toweling off, genitals exposed. These recordings were taken off a video baby monitor by another recording device, an Olympis Digital Camera and stored on the defendant’s computer.

Your affiant contacted the foreign exchange student’s host agencies in reference to these charges. Forte International Exchange Association and CCI Greenheart have both provided the names of the juvenile males, supporting documents as to their ages, and dates they were placed in the defendant’s residence. All subjects were under the age of 18 at the time they were placed into the defendant’s residence and attended Tavares High School. These files have been placed into evidence at the Tavares Police Department along with all other supporting documents and evidence pertaining to this case.






I reviewed this Affidavit of Probable Cause and find there ( is , is not) probable cause to hold and bind over for trial the defendant names in this affidavit.

DATED DAY OF ………. 2014



Complaint to the US Department of State re. rule-breaking

Subject: Forte International Exchange Association/Into Education Ltd. (Norway) – rule-breaking – Becky Sanderson

From: Parent

Date: Sat, June 08, 2013 2:56 am



U.S. Department of State

Ms. Ann Stock
Mr. James Alexander
Ms. Robin Lerner
Ms. Elizabeth Dickerson
Ms. Susan Geary
Ms. Maha Ammar
Ms. Karen Hawkins
Mr. Travis Parsley
Mr. Joseph Ereli


Dear Sirs and Madams,

I find that it is time to comment on Forte International Exchange Association’s (FIEA) last response to our attempt to address their claims about our son, xxxx.

I suppose both FIEA and the US Department of State are just waiting for us to go away and shut up. That is certainly the impression we get from the continued appearence of Becky Sanderson in the ranks of FIEA – not to mention the fact that she is allowed to continue within the exchange industry at all. Another thing that we have acknowledged is that we simply cannot afford the fees of US attorneys or the fact that we will end up with a word-against-word situation for the most part. But some things are not word-against-word.

The US Department of State cannot escape the fact that FIEA placed our son in homes that were not qualified for foreign exchange students at the time. FIEA broke the regulations on several points and Becky Sanderson and Christine Lovell were both responsible for putting our son through a situation where the host families did not have a clue as to his qualities as a person – in spite of letters being provided for potential host families.

On October 17, 2012 FIEA sent a mail responding to «the comments made by the Almenningen family regarding the dismissal  notice of their son, xxxx.»

We had claimed that: «Living with xxxxxx was a temporary measure. They were not allowed another exchange student, but would gladly have taken xxxx in if they could have. As recently as October 8, xxxxx repeated this to me. She would like to have him back in her home for a visit if he could possibly come back to Mena. Her teen-age girls like him and they wished he could have stayed. xxxxx has, in fact, served the function the local representative should have had.»

To which FIEA responded: «The temporary host family, xxxxx, had no intention of continuing to host xxxx. This is evident in the email xxxxx sent to our office. In the letter, it states that all members of the xxxxx family, except xxxxx, could not tolerate xxxx. In fact, all three host families who welcomed xxxx into their home had difficulty getting along with the student and eventually could not make it work.»

This mail from xxxxx is in the hands of Mr. Alexander. I cannot say if these were the feelings of xxxxx’s family. All I know is that xxxxx told me what she did on the phone. Whether she was lying in the letter to FIEA or to me is something I cannot know. As I have shown before in mails below there is the statement from xxxxx to us regarding FIEA’s pressuring the host-families. Whether this holds true for xxxxx as well is unknown. What is known is Becky Sanderson’s repeated behavior toward other foreign exchange students and host-families. The US State Department has at least 45 complaints regarding Ms. Sanderson and some of these include pressuring and creating conflict between host-family and exchange student (ref. CSFES USA).

FIEA also claimed that: «Our local representatives or area directors would never threaten, ridicule or ever tell a student to «shut up». The writings of Becky Sanderson through text messages were firm and tried to explain the situation at hand to xxxx.» Once again I refer to Becky Sanderson’s track record.

Another claim by FIEA is: «xxxx is not the only Norweigian student who is currently participating in the exchange program. And none of our other students from Norway have exhibited some of the mannerisms which have been conducted by xxxx: shooting himself in the head with his finger or saying he is depressed, but meant “deprimert” or” deppa”. Forte admits an exchange student will have a transition period where the student battles with cultural shock. However, the character traits exhibited by xxxx, coupled with his inability to get along with three different host families, are something more than just not being able to acclimate to a new surrounding.»

This has been addressed in previous mails (see below). I will repeat that in no sense did xxxx appear suicidal while living in the US. Why Becky Sanderson would say such a horrid thing, one that frightened us as parents thoroughly, is beyond belief. That she would, while M was supposed to be suicidal, behave in a manner displayed in the copy of an sms conversation between herself and my son along with the things she repeatedly told him in phone conversations is also incomprehensible.

FIEA’s final statement dismissing xxxx: «Forte stands by our decision for xxxx’s early dismissal from the exchange program. As stated in the dismissal letter, due to his mental stability, admittance to depression, and thoughts of suicide, we felt it was in his best interest to return back to Norway. xxxx even wrote in a text message to Ms. Sanderson he was willing to seek professional help in the States. Forte took this to mean he admitted to being depressed. To ask our host family to host a student who is depressed is asking for too much, and a burden which they should not be have to endure. That is why the decision was made to send him home early. In addition, xxxx’s behavior also played a role in his dismissal as it lead to him being removed from multiple host families.»

This is the wording in the sms FIEA are referring to:


The agency contacted your parents. You’ve been in 3 homes and still not happy. You need to get some professional help when you get home.


I was really happy when I lived with the xxxxx I have no complaints to make about them.

I don’t think this is the right thing to do. I’ve been depressed before, but to quit has never helped. I have never said that I was unhappy in my second home. I’ve never said I wanted to return to Norway!

I can get professional help here as well.

Texting is better than talking at the moment. (She tried to call me, xxxx.) »

With regards to claims about xxxx’s behavior we have his word against FIEA’s. Considering the history of FIEA and Becky Sanderson, I have no doubt as to which version I am more inclined to believe. It does appear as though the US State Department feels differently.

I believe we have tried to be as open about matters as we could have been. I also believe that we have addressed the breaches of regulations in a concise manner. There is also the fact that Becky Sanderson has a track record that ought to make any parent afraid to let her near their children. Both she and FIEA deserve a slap and xxxx certainly deserves an apology for the way he has been treated.



  • Mr. Chris Page
  • Ms. Lindsay Poehlman
  • FIEA
  • Ms. Diana Latvala
  • Ms. Ava Chen
  • Into Education Ltd.
  • Mr. John Douglas Fisher
  • Ms. Constanze Fisher
  • Into Education Ltd. (Norway)
  • Ms. Marit Åsenden
  • Ms. Danielle Grijalva
  • xxxx
  • xxxx

Edited on July 16, 2016 removing names of non-professionals

Kan foreldrene ta kontakt direkte med parter i utvekslingslandet?

Hva mener utvekslingsbyråene om dette spørsmålet? Selvfølgelig mener de at all kontakt skal gå gjennom dem – videre til partnerne i utvekslingslandet – videre til andre partier – og så samme vei tilbake. Enkelte av dere vil få beskjeder som:

Vi har blitt informert om at dere har tatt kontakt med skolen direkte. Det skal dere ikke gjøre.

Vi har blitt informert om at dere har tatt kontakt med vertsfamilien direkte. Vi forstår deres frustrasjon, men all kontakt skal gå gjennom utvekslingsfirmaet.

Vi har blitt informert om at dere har tatt kontakt med utvekslingspartneren direkte. Hverken vi eller utvekslingspartneren ønsker at dere skal kommunisere med utvekslingspartneren direkte og ber derfor om at dere tar opp alle spørsmål med utvekslingsfirmaet i Norge først.

Vi har blitt informert om at dere har tatt kontakt med CSFES. CSFES regnes av utvekslingsorganisasjonene og andre som lite seriøse og vi anbefaler derfor at dere ikke tar kontakt med dem, men at dere heller kontakter oss direkte.

Om dere ser i kontraktene deres, kan det godt være at det står noe slikt som:

Foreldre … skal kommunisere kun med (utvekslingsorganisasjon) og ikke ta direkte kontakt med samarbeidsorganisasjonen eller deres medarbeidere.

Det er i hvertfall det som stod i kontrakten til M. Vi hos CSFES, derimot, er IKKE underlagt noen slike regler. Ei heller har vi noe ansvar overfor samarbeidsorganisasjonen i utlandet.

Vår egen erfaring med kontakt med vertsfamiliene var dette var svært nyttig. En av tingene vi fikk vite på den måten var det at FIEA forsøkte å presse vertsfamiliene til å skrive lite tiltalende beskrivelser om M:

::::::: Everything you are doing to fight this company is causing drama for the families here that may or may not care about you. We are being asked to sign something that says Forte did not take you out of a home that wanted you there. I have not read the actual paper yet, so I do not know if what it says is true enough for me to sign. I do know this…yes, we wanted you to stay. … I’m not going to lie for you or for the company or for anyone.

::::::: Forte is trying to get me to make written statements about anything that will help them with their case. …

To familier valgte å ikke sende inn brev til Forte mens en familie gjorde det. Into i Norge påstod hele tiden at de trodde på det Forte sa og støttet dem fullt og helt.

På grunn av tilfeller som dette anbefaler jeg på det sterkeste at dere som foreldre fra starten av har en eller annen skriftlig form for kommunikasjon med vertsforeldrene. Vi forsøkte alltid å være høflige uansett hvilke beskjeder vi fikk fra Into og fikk derfor vite mer om ting som skjedde der borte. Det gjorde det også mulig å forklare og snakke sammen om problemer som kunne dukke opp.

Jeg anbefaler også at dere tar kontakt med skolen direkte om det skulle dukke opp påstander fra utvekslingslandet. Det har vært nok av tilfeller da CSFES har oppdaget at samarbeidsorganisasjonen eller den norske bedriften lyver om det som skjer. Vi vet jo ikke hvem det er som har funnet på løgnen. Alt vi finner ut er at det har blitt løyet.

Sørg for at all kommunikasjon foregår skriftlig eller at dere tar opp samtaler med de ulike partene.

2013 May: FIEAs «Termination Letter»

U.S. Department of State
… (I have removed identifiers for minors)

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We have previously sent a complaint about Forte International Exchange Association’s (FIEA) mistreatment of our son M (2012 Oct 19). We have also sent a mail regarding the way FIEA have broken the regulations set by the State Department (2013 Jan 26).

We wish to illustrate the many lies told by FIEA about M through some of the claims made in their Termination Letter. FIEA’s claims are in cursive.

After this incident, the current host family, the :::::, were afraid for M to be around their children as he began acting “weird.” M had been accused of putting paint in the children’s hair, kicking the children, pushing them, and ordering the host parents to clean and vacuum.

When it comes to the accusations of putting paint in the children’s hair, both M and the two teen-age girls painted each other’s hair at the theater where M ended up having to spend all of his afternoons and week-ends so he would not have to stay in the Moe house alone. At the time, both girls laughed at the idea that M had done something bad.

M does not have any memory of kicking anyone. The only thing he could even remotely link to this statement would be when he managed to step on some toes while hugging the girls.

M did suggest that they could all clean the house – there was great need. When the host-parents told him no, he suggested that he, himself, clean it. They bluntly refused him. So M did the best he could and cleaned his own room.

The most upsetting action done by M was in front of his host siblings, where he would put his finger to his head like a gun and act like he was shooting  himself. 

Maggie Simpson illustrates our point about the ridiculousness of this statement perfectly: Watch 5:30-6:00

During one occasion on the way home from school, M asked his host dad, Malcolm, if Malcolm ever had dark thoughts. Malcolm questioned M what he meant by “dark thoughts”, but M said he couldn’t tell him because of Malcolm’s response. There was another incident where M saw a posting on Facebook about suicide and made the comment of “if you are going to commit suicide, you don’t talk about it, you don’t say anything, you just do it.”

All of these lies make me angry. I cannot believe how untruthful FIEA have been. This last claim is a perfect example. See below facebook conversation:

September 20

:::::: ok im ready to die but i caint pull the triger whow wants to do it for me”

:::::: “wow, i thought i had it bad. life cant be that hard… can it?”

“(Mike’s comment): (name) you have one of the kindest hearts I know and you have an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around you. You should watch Man on Fire starring Denzel Washington. Great movie. God bless!”

:::::: “Spelling!”

:::::: “hey (name)? i aint seen u in a while, but i would like to, so don’t do anything drastic.”

::::::: “Let’s have a little talk tonight! I have enough dead people in my cast an yyou aren’t supposed to be one of ’em!

::::::: “don’t do it”

(M’s comment): “i know that this is a despirate kry for help. i also know that you are not going to do that. because the people who take their own life do it without telling anyone about it. talk to me if you want to compare storryes or lifes. you or i will find out that our life is not that hard.”

(M’s comment): “i just talked to him. (name) what the hell is wrong with you. this is not something you are kidding about. i was woried. delite this post imidiately! sent from the crossing.”

M had phoned his friend (name withheld for privacy reasons) to see if they could talk about what was bothering his friend. That was when he discovered that his friend had been kidding.

For one think Mike – the host-father – was part of the facebook conversation (see above). Whether he or Becky Sanderson were lying about this event, is irrelevant to me. I tend to think that with her track-record, it is Becky who is the guilty one. The way FIEA misrepresent so completely what happened is both cruel and self-serving.

Whenever a student expresses such signs of abnormal behavior, Forte takes it very seriously. Which is why our area director, Becky Sanderson, called M and had a conversation with him on whether or not he was depressed. M did open up to Becky and said he was depressed and had suicidal thoughts. M also admitted he needed help. After that conversation, Becky felt M would be a danger to himself and was showing signs of mental illness and needed professional help. At the same time, the host parents felt M would be dangerous around their children and would either hurt himself or their children. The :::::: family no longer feels comfortable with having M in their home.

I have no doubt M was a little depressed by this time. But at no time did he, himself, express suicidal thoughts. This was one of the things Forte tried to get his families to sign off on, but did not succeed despite pressuring them. See below facemails from :::::: – first host-father:

10/15-2012: Conversation between M and ::::::

::::::: Everything you are doing to fight this company is causing drama for the families here that may or may not care about you. We are being asked to sign something that says Forte did not take you out of a home that wanted you there. I have not read the actual paper yet, so I do not know if what it says is true enough for me to sign. I do know this…yes, we wanted you to stay. Forte did not make the decision to take you from this home that wanted you. You, yourself wanted to leave a home that wanted you. And while that is perfectly okay to want to leave somewhere, it somewhat defeats you’re argument that the company treated you wrong by pulling you out of homes. You also did it yourself, and had your reasons. I don’t know all that happened with other families, but if the company made the decision for you to leave their homes, I’m certain they had their reasons just as you did when you decided to leave our home. I’m not going to lie for you or for the company or for anyone. I guess is what I am trying to say is fight the company if you want, but could you leave me out of it somehow and quit causing us drama? I see the good in everyone, and you’re not a bad guy, but I am starting to regret that we let you come stay with us.

And :::::: continues on 10/16-2012

::::::: Forte is trying to get me to make written statements about anything that will help them with their case. I don’t like what they are doing or what you are doing as I am getting stuck in the middle. I wasn’t trying to be mean M. I was even told not to talk to you at all. I just had to state that for the record. I will be honest and say this…I don’t trust Forte and I don’t trust you. I don’t hand out trust easily, and I know how one can keep enemies close for certain reasons. I did not tell them you wanted to kill yourself fyi. They have tried to get me to make statements against you and I refused. I wrote something that would not help them or you and shouldn’t have hurt either, but apparently they believe if it won’t help them win they can leave out certain truths. I just want out of it, but I had to tell you that for record purposes. I’m sorry if anything I have to do hurts you, but it can’t always be helped.

After discussion among management at Forte, due to M’s current mental stability, admittance to depression, and thoughts of suicide, we feel he should be dismissed early from the exchange program to seek professional, psychological help in his home country with his natural parents. Forte cannot shoulder that burden onto our host family to endure. Although our host families agree to host our exchange students, they should not have to deal with the effects of what depression does to a teenager.

Forte have behaved despicably throughout M’s stay. How he could have been placed with the families that he was and how on earth FIEA could possibly keep on letting Becky Sanderson get her claws into kids who are supposed to get a good impression of the US is unbelievable. Why has she not been held responsible for her actions? Into Education are no better for having supported FIEA through the whole process. Amazing that companies that claim to keep our children safe do such a poor job of it.

Please do something about this situation. Exchange students coming to the US need to feel safe, not used and abused.


Lise Lotte and Jonny Almenningen

Mr. Chris Page
Ms. Lindsay Poehlman

Ms. Diana Latvala
Ms. Ava Chen

Into Education Ltd.
Mr. John Douglas Fisher
Ms. Constanze Fisher

Into Education Ltd. (Norway)
Ms. Marit Åsenden

Ms. Danielle Grijalva

Jonny Almenningen

Vanlige problemer: Advarsel fra utvekslingsbyrået

Første familien vårt barn havnet i var godkjent av Forte International Exchange Association’s lokalrepresentant Christine Lovell. Hun hadde tvilt på om hun skulle gjøre dette (sagt til vårt barn i telefonsamtale), men områderepresentanten Becky Sanderson hadde fortalt henne at det kunne hun godt gjøre – selv om familien ikke oppfylte alle kravene i Reguleringene.

Da sønnen vår kom fram var han overrasket over tilstanden på hjemmet. Han tok bilder og rådførte seg med de andre Into elevene på Into’s lukkete facebook side. De som svarte sa at han burde be om ny familie. Som følge sendte sønnen vår nedenstående til Into Education. Dere vil se at han fikk en advarsel fra dem.

Det vi lærte av dette er at utvekslingselever må være forsiktige med hvem de sier noe til. Utvekslingsorganisasjonen bør holdes utenfor alle samtaler med utenforstående og bare forelegges bevis. Ærlighet og åpenhet lønner seg IKKE.

Subject: RE: Host family trubble. picktures, contact info.

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 14:48:39 +0200

Hei M, Jeg har gitt beskjed om at organisasjonen i USA skal kontakte deg. I går var det helligdag, så da skjedde det ikke så mye. Du kan også ringe din kontaktperson selv. Det er helt normalt.

At du har lagt ut bilder av vertsfamiliens hjem på Facebook for å vise fram at de bor dårlig er ikke akseptabelt og det vil du få en advarsel på. Jeg sender det i en separat mail med moren din i kopi.

Med vennlig hilsen

Tonje Reinsvollsveen

into Education
Postboks 185,
1300 Sandvika
Besøksadresse: Leif Tronstads plass 7, Sandvika
Tel: +47 67 55 90 01

From: M A […..]
Sent: 3. september 2012 22:00
To: M A; Into Norge;
Subject: RE: Host family trubble. picktures, contact info.

Host home phone:

Contact info, local rep: Cristine Lovell

Here is some pictures of the home

1: the bedroom door 2: the bedroom floor. 3: The kitchen 4: The bathtub.

024 (2)039

040030 (2)

Let me add that I posted theese pictures at the Into facebook group, and well. Here are some of their comments. –

– You have to change, no one can live like that
– Agree, this is to sick, locks like you live at the street.
– Is this proper living.

Here is the originale.

-du må bytte!! ingen kan bu sann..
-enig! det der va alt for sykt… sjer ut som du bor på gata jo
– ehm, er det forsvarlig å bo sånn?




Subject: Host family trubble.

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 17:43:45 +0000

Hei, denne mailen kommer til å være på engelsk, grunnen til at jeg sender den til dere er fordi jeg ikke har mailen til min local rep, og jeg har telefon jeg ønsker å bruke (jeg vil ikke bruke v familien sin) Jeg synes også at dere og hovedkontore skal bli informert om dette.

Hey, I got some trouble with my host family; well I am just going to make a list.

  • They do not seem prepared to take in exchange students.
  • Yes they give me a bed and three meals a day, but they do not know how to take care of two teens. Because food and shelter is not everything a person need to be happy. And if they knew how to take care of us they do not have the time to do so. …. (host dad) is buzzy at work and …. (host mom) is too buzzy with the children.
  • They do not have the money to take good care of their own children, rather not me and …. (china student) Here is an example. Their 3 year old’s bed is so bad, they will not let her sleep in it

This is all reasons to change family, but I was going to give it some time before saying anything, to see if things changed. Well they changed and that is why I am contacting you.

Today afther chuch they spanked their tree year old girl (….) This might not be against the law in Arkansas, but it’s surtantly not accepted by me. And this made me feel real unsafe. Because if this is what they do to their own children, what are they going to do to me. (The reason they spanked her was because she did not want to leave church, which is something I can understand. Since I also dread coming back to their home.)

Sorry language, spelling or grammar fault.

Becky Sanderson hadde en lang liste med brudd på Reguleringene. Alle disse bruddene var en av grunnene til at hun måtte slutte som IEC. Cristine Lowell har steget i gradene.

Måten Into håndterte saken til M og erfaringene til de andre elevene fra dem som vi fikk vite om det året er årsaken til at jeg personlig aldri kommer til å anbefale dem.

2013 Jan 06: FIEA/Into Education (Norway) – rule-breaking – Becky Sanderson

U.S. Department of State (Removed most identifiers 4 Aug 2016)

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We have previously sent a complaint about Forte International Exchange Association’s (FIEA) mistreatment of our son M. We have not hear much from the State Department and nothing from either FIEA or our national exchange company Into Education Ltd. (Norway) (IEL). As a reminder of our case and a desire to see FIEA having to face the consequences of letting one of their representatives (in the form of Becky Sanderson) have free rein, we are sending this mail stating how we see the rule-breaking of FIEA and IEL.

Our son, M, paid for a service. This service was based on the idea that the exchange organisations would follow the laws of the land regarding the exchange industry. As we see it, FIEA has broken several of the regulations set forth in 22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Section 62.25. I assume all of you are aware of the contents of this regulation and am, therefore, not including the whole thing in this mail. The link to it is:

I am unable to comment on the training of FIEA’s and IEL’s representatives or their standing with their respective governments. FIEA did receive a «Letter of Reprimand» on 23rd November 2010 where they were placed on «Probation» for one year and were informed that they needed to implement a «Corrective Action Plan» that would «improve their program administration». My understanding is that this is because their representatives had not done a good enough job in choosing host families.

Klikk for å få tilgang til sanction-cases.pdf

Today, one of those representatives would have been Becky Sanderson. She does, after all, have 45 complaints lodged against her at the State Department. Unfortunately for our son, she was the representative that ended up taking charge of him. Since 2006 Becky Sanderson has worked for F.L.A.G., AYUSA, DM Discoveries and now FIEA. It seems this would make her what is called a floating representative. She herself has hosted a great many students. In an article from the time she was with DM Discoveries (2007) she states that she had hosted more than 40 exchange students the previous 15 years ( This is in clear breach of §62.25 (d.10.i), (d.15) and (l.1.ii). She has continued this practice since coming to work for FIEA – a fact that was witnessed by our son at a meeting with Becky Sanderson.

Becky Sanderson told Christine Lovell to approve of Ray and Becky Lindsey in spite of Christine’s protest that they were not ready to be a host-family.

Our M was provided with a phone card that only listed the home office number of Forte and the insurance company (g.6). A D of S number was not on it. We have a copy of said phone card.

M’s second family had not even been visited. The person that found the home for M had not even been inside the house. We as parents were not provided with adequate information about the move. When M was later told by the host-mom that he was too expensive to host, that his vegetarianism was a problem and that his views were incompatible with their own FIEA were in breach of (j.1, j.2, j.3, j.4, j.6, j.7). The family had obviously not received adequate orientation about the role of a host-parent which is in breach of (k.1, k.4). There is not way there could have been time for all of the requirement in the three days it took from discovering xxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx to M moving in with them. This means that FIEA could not have fulfilled their responsibility under (d.9).

The temporary family that M moved in with already hosted two exchange students. M stayed with them for about 10 days. This is in breach of (l.1.ii). Forte had somehow rationalised that giving themselves a dispensation from the rule about staying only 2 nights was OK.

FIEA and IEL claim that all rules and regulations have been followed and they admit 0% responsibility for the decision to send Mikkel back to Norway. They have placed all blame on Mikkel, as if a 17-year old boy would know enough Department of State rules and regulations and contract law to be able to follow the labyrinthian thinking of FIEA and IEL.

IEL (Norway) did offer M one thing. He could go to Canada if he forked out another NOK 120.000. This would bring his basic expenses to NOK 180.000. Not really a good deal at all, even if it meant that IEL were foregoing their own expenses in sending him there.

As we see it, FIEA and IEL did not intend to follow through on their obligations once Becky Sanderson discovered M was a thorn in her shoes, one that did not accept the treatment she was dishing out of the lies that were told about him. Thank God M had adult friends in Mena outside the FIEA/IEL world that knew the needs of a 17-year old boy.

The boy we sent out has come back a completely different person. The abuse doled out by Becky Sanderson and xxxxxxxx and the xxxxxx is something no exchange student should be expected to have to endure. M made mistakes, but what happened to him goes far beyond anything he could even dream up.

Please do something about this situation. Exchange students coming to the US need to feel safe, not used and abused.


CC: Div

2012/2013: USA: Dysfunksjonelle familier og destruktive representanter

I denne posten kommer jeg til å fortelle vår versjon av det som skjedde med vårt barn (M).

M hadde et sterkt ønske om å reise til USA som utvekslingselev. Han gikk på yrkeslinje og derfor var det ikke mulig å gjøre dette i samband med videregående skole. Derfor fullførte han 2. klasse på videregående og tok seg et friår for å kunne reise ut og få med seg et skoleår i USA.

Vi hadde sendt in papirer tidlig på ham og han var blitt tatt opp i programmet til INTO Education (Norway). Etter intervju med Marit Åsenden fikk han beskjed å om fylle inn de nødvendige skjemaer. Både han og vi skrev brev til vertsfamilien. I disse brevene var vi veldig åpne om Ms politiske syn, hans lidenskap for dyrevern, hans dysleksi og hans tendens til å snakke uten å tenke først. I tillegg er han vegetarianer. Ja, det er jo bare å gå til lenkene og se selv.

Å komme til en familie varte og rakk. En gang var det en familie som viste interesse men de ønsket en oppklaring i hans syn om homofili. Ingen av oss bryr seg om hvem andre måtte elske og det sa han på en tydelig måte. Der forsvant den familien.

Etter det var det ingen som så ut til å ville ha ham hos seg og gutten ble av naturlige årsaker bekymret. Men så, mandag 27. august 2012 kom følgende:

Nå er endelig vertsfamilien din på plass 🙂 det er bare å ta kontakt med en gang. Siden skolen din allerede har begynt, vil du få avreise så fort som mulig, helst allerede på onsdag.

Det skal også være en annen utvekslingselev sammen med deg i Vertsfamilien, han er fra Kina, så da trenger vi bekreftelse fra deg og foreldrene dine på at dette er i orden, skjema som må underskrives finner du vedlagt.

Vi tar kontakt igjen i morgen når vi er på kontoret avgående avreise og flybilletter.

  1. Varsko til foreldrene: Når man får beskjed såpass sent pleier vertsfamiliene (uansett land) å være nødløsninger. Ingen av firmaene (hverken i Norge eller i utlandet) har lyst til å gå glipp av pengene. De har investert tid på barnet ditt og vil ha noe igjen for det.
  2. Bildene sendt av Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) så helt greie ut. Litt fattigslige men vi regnet jo med at de ikke ville valgt noen som hadde for dårlig økonomi. Bildene (se under) sønnen vår tok viste at FIEA nok hadde tøyd boligens tilstand noe. Desverre er denne tøyingen av forholdene noe som skjer i mer enn vårt tilfelle.

Det er jo ikke det at det er grusomt der heller. Langt i fra. M passet på å støvsuge og spurte om han skulle leke med barna. Det var mitt råd til ham for å lette overgangen.  Men så var det denne vertsfaren da. Det var langt fra bare M som fikk gjennomgå.

Ei som var venninne til vertsmoren til M hadde blitt godkjent som vertsmor av et annet selskap i USA. Hun tok seg godt av gutta. Noen av tingene hun hjalp dem med som ikke vertsforeldrene evnet å gjøre var:

  • Melde dem inn på skolen
  • Hjelpe dem å velge klasser
  • Hjelpe dem med alle skolepapirene
  • Svare på alle mulige rare spørsmål de måtte ha om hva som var greit og hva som ikke var greit
  • Tok dem med på besøk rundt omkring i Mena.

Vertsfar ble sjalu og lurte på om det var noe mellom henne og M og vertsbroren. Vertsfar og denne kvinnen arbeidet sammen og der gikk vertsfar fra å være hyggelig til å sende skikkelig stygge meldinger til henne. Jeg fikk lese et par av disse og ble paff. Han var sånn med gutta og. Først så var han grei og så var han bizarr. Gudene vet hva som feilte ham, men noe må det ha vært for makan til ustabil type. Jeg har fire facebook-meldinger (to her) som illustrerer disse humørforandringene fra å synes at M var helt grei til at M skulle være en skikkelig problemfyr.

Etter en kirketur med en preken som lignet ingenting vår sønn hadde hørt før – dere vet den om homofile som har skylda for all elendighet i verden og de skal alle til helvete – så hadde han fått nok. M tok kontakt med hun som skulle være hans kontaktperson: Christine Lovell.

Christine Lovell var den som godkjente den første og den andre vertsfamilien til M. Ifølge henne skulle den første ha vært etter påtrykk fra hennes sjef, områderepresentanten Becky Sanderson (hvis jobb Lovell nå innehar). I denne posten har jeg tatt for meg hvilke US regler begge to brøt da de godkjente familiene og i behandlingen av M.

Nå var det Lovell M henvendte seg til og hun forsto situasjonen hans og var enig i at han kanskje ville ha det bedre hos noen han kunne føle seg trygg med. M forklarte situasjonen for sin vertsfar og. Til å begynne med virket det som om han tok ting helt greit. Men så kom Christine Lovell og vertsfar og hun snakket sammen. Damen snudde helt i holdningen sin til M. Dette er tingene vertsfar beskyldte M for:

  • M nektet å pakke ut klærne sine fra kofferten.
  • M hadde vært slem med barna gjennom å holde dem unna foreldrene.
  • M holdt seg bare på rommet sitt og snakket ikke med vertsfamilien.
  • M var frekk gjennom å klage på kaninstellet i familien.

Da M kom hjem dagen han brått ble hentet lå klærne hans sammenbrettet på sengen. Det eneste som ikke fikk komme ut av kofferten var verdisaker og verdipapirer.

Vi ble overrasket. Jeg visste han hadde snakket med vertsfamilien og vært sammen med dem for han hadde spurt vertsmor om han kunne hjelpe henne i huset og hjelpe henne å se etter ungene hennes. Hun var ekstremt sjenert og hadde problemer med å prate med M når han forsøkte å samtale med henne.

Det er meget mulig han kommenterte kaninholdet, men vi snakket mye om å gi seg når han hadde fått sagt fra.

Så begynner marerittet og omveltningen i Ms liv.

Som sagt ble han brått fjernet fra hjemmet pga hans «vanskelige personlighet». Becky Sanderson (alle utvekslingselevers mareritt) tok over M, og snakk om dame med behov for å knekke andre. Hun og Christine Lovell var ingen heldig kombinasjon. Heldigvis ser det ut som om alle klagene mot henne endelig har nådd fram og hun ikke lenger jobber som representant.

  1. EN ting dere som foreldre og utvekslingselever må forstå er den typen kristendom som regjerer i bibelbeltet. Den er svært lik den som parodieres på ulike medier og kan trygt kalles fundamentalistisk. Nesten alle norske utvekslingselever sliter om de havner hos en slik familie.
  2. Vertsfamiliens utsagn vil foretrekkes som sannhet framfor elevens utsagn. Mye av dette kommer av at eleven forsvinner mens familiene blir. I tillegg regnes voksne som mer tillitvekkende enn ungdom.
  3. Så snart dere er plassert i vertsfamilien deres vil dere oppleves som en byrde for utvekslingsbyrået. Mange av representantene vil da velge å oppfylle jobben sin mens mange andre behandler dere som det åket dere har blitt. Nå har de tross alt mottatt pengene sine.

FIEA hadde en annen familie som allerede hadde to utvekslingselever boende hos seg i tillegg til sine egne fire eller fem barn. Som et midlertidig tiltak tok FIEA seg den frihet å plassere M der. Ikke før han var blitt plassert fikk vi vite om forandringen fra Into’s side. De var i det hele tatt svært uorientert om situasjonen der borte. Ikke var vi den støtten vi kunne vært. Alt kom så brått på og vi fikk ikke tak i M og alt var kaos. Heldigvis hadde M fortsatt kontakt med damen vi har nevnt over – som hjalp ham da han bodde hos første familien.

M trivdes godt hos den midlertidige familien. M innbilte seg at familien syntes han var ok og han hang ganske mye rundt vertsmor fordi hun ikke jaget ham bort. M fortalte at han sang i dusjen og tullet som vanlig. Han kranglet med og hang med de andre mindreårige i familien. Jeg vet ikke hva familiens følelser var overfor M. De sa en ting til meg og etter hvert en annen ting til FIEA. Men som sagt var det ikke lovlig at han bodde der.

Han ville selvfølgelig gjerne fortsette å bo i Mena men bare om han fikk en skikkelig familie. Into sa klart i fra at flere sjanser enn en til fikk han ikke fordi han skulle ha vært så umulig i den første familien.

Det var visst ikke helt greit å finne en nye familie. Christine Lovell var uinteressert i å hjelpe til. M fikk bare klare seg selv. Han visste ikke hva han skulle gjøre og forsøkte å kontakte de han kunne via facebook. En venn av den midlertidige familien hadde noen han kjente som sa de kunne ta M inn som en kristen handling eller noe sånt. Hjelpe noen i nød og alt det der. Kanskje kunne det ha gått greit om bare noen fra firmaet hadde giddet å inspisere hjemmet, fortelle dem hva det hele gikk ut på, la dem få vite «bagateller» som at M  var vegetarianer osv. Det skjedde selvfølgelig ikke. Den midlertidige vertsmoren kjente til familien men hadde aldri vært inne hos dem hun heller.

Det gikk som det måtte.

Kvelden før M flyttet inn satte representanten seg ned med de nye vertsforeldrene og de skrev under på papirene. Stedet underskriften foregikk var i teateret familien tilbragte omtrent hver kveld i. Vi har bilde av at det hele skjer med de som var tilstede. Som dere sikkert forstår var bakgrunnskontrollen av familien ikke-eksisterende. Det eneste som telte var det at M hadde fått en familie og da mente FIEA at de hadde gjort jobben sin. Men enkelte detaljer burde kanskje ha slått en eller annen.

  • Familien bestod av 8 personer. Eldste sønnen var midlertidig flyttet hjemmefra, men M tok nå hans plass. Moren var den eneste som hadde en inntekt og den var ikke svær.
  • Den andre var det at ingen av barna gikk eller hadde gått på vanlig skole. Faren fungerte som lærer.
  • Familien hadde ikke blitt kurset som de skulle.

Det her var det som var synlig. Så var det tingene som ikke syntes like godt.

  • Det var fire soverom. M fikk det ene. Den ene datteren måtte flytte ut av det for at han skulle få et sted å sove.
  • Familien tilbragte de fleste kveldene og helgene i teatret og søndagen i kirken.
  • Den ene datteren drev med selv-skading.
  • –    Da M gikk til representanten for råd angående dette gikk representanten til familien og Into truet M med at han måtte slutte å bry seg.
  • Den samme datteren utnyttet Ms naivitet og vennskap ved å få ham til å havne i midten av noe som tydelig var en langvarig konflikt mellom henne og foreldrene.
  • Familien hadde ikke råd til å tømme septiktanken så rørene var litt treige.
  • Oppvask måtte tas på badet.
  • Rengjøring hadde svært lav prioritet. Det eneste rene rommet var Ms. Ellers virket det som om familien samlet på støv. Da M foreslo at han kunne rengjøre tok de det ille opp. Det var sannsynligvis ubehagelig å ha en 17 år gammel gutt som ønsket å vaske hjemme hos dem. Den eneste som gjorde rent var den ene datteren når hun ikke orket mer. Into sendte klage til oss om dette og.
  • M måtte skaffe maten sin selv. Han gikk ned masse i vekt og gutten hadde i særlig å ta av. Han fikk beskjed om at han kostet for mye og at familien ikke hadde råd til å ha ham der.
  • Moren ringte og klaget på ALT M gjorde. Nesten hver dag fikk han kjeft av en eller annen representant. En gang ble han til og med stanset på gaten av Christine Lovell og bedt om å skjerpe seg. Til slutt følte han seg som en grusom fyr.
  • Det at vi spurte han som tingene Into beskyldte ham for hjalp ikke.
  • Noen ganger var han skyldig. En gang lugget han en av jentene. IKKE bra.
  • Da han flyttet inn hos denne familien hadde han fått beskjed om at han bare fikk snakke med oss en gang i uken. Ikke var det tilgang på nettet hos dem heller. Noen ganger tekstet han fra skolen.

M likte de tre eldste jentene og følte han hadde det kjempegøy. De fant på pek med hverandre og satt og lo seg ihjel. Jentene hang på rommet hans siden det var det eneste rommet å være i fred for småsøsknene. Der kunne man se på film og sånt. Jeg har beskrivelser av godt og vondt her.

Så fikk vi telefon fra Into. Sønnen vår var blitt suisidal. HÆ??? Det var jo bare løgn og en unnskyldning for å bli kvitt ham. Into var helt og holdent på FIEA’s side. I samtale med Into som vi tok opp om det som skjedde (møte med Tonje og Marit, Jonny og M og jeg) skjønte de ikke hvordan de kunne ha noe ansvar om han skulle ha funnet på noe der borte. Det var som om de ikke så sammenhengen mellom det å vite om noe, ikke informere foreldrene hans om det og senere handling på grunnlag hans såkalte suisidale atferd. Into v/Tonje ba om unnskyldningen for å ha brukt feil ordlyd. I løpet av møtet eller kanskje like før fant de ut at de ikke kunne lene seg på Ms suisidale atferd og la så skylda på hvor slem han hadde vært.

Men alt det spilte ingen rolle på skolen i USA. Der ble han akseptert for den han var og fikk mange venner. Noen av dem har han fortsatt kontakt med. Karakterene var bra, bortsett fra i engelsk. Der lå det an til ekstraarbeide. Lærerne så ut til å like ham. Sikkert ikke alle, men det var ingen som sendte klager på ham. Og han hadde det kjempegøy der.

Det er rart med det. Nå har jeg lest historien til ganske mange elever som har hatt vonde opplevelser. De aller fleste av dem har det bra på og med skolen. Men så var det vertsfamilier og/eller representanter. Der oppstår det mange situasjoner som burde vært unngått. De samme vertsfamiliene får fortsette på tross av klager om tilstanden hjemme, konflikter mellom vertsfamiliemedlemmer, konflikter mellom vertsfamilie og representanter, overgrep og mishandling av utvekslingselever.

ALLE utvekslingsfirmaene er skyldige i å gjøre livet ille for noen av utvekslingselevene sine, men det finnes de som har færre klager enn andre. Into Education er ikke et av dem. Ei heller Forte International Exchange Association.