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Skottland / Scotland / Scotia 1

In the West, don’t mention religion. Catholic/protestant causes more fights than anything else. Even saying you follow Celtic/Rangers can be enough.

In the North, any mention of sheep-shagging will get you punched.(Dette er visst fordi de blir mobbet en del for det av alle andre)

In Edinburgh, if you say you like Glasgow or the West, you will immediately be hated.

And basically in all of Scotland, if you praise England or suggest we are one country, you will not be welcome.

2013 Jan 31: NJ Man Preys on Foreign Exchange Students: Cops

By Karen Araiza | January 31, 2013: | Updated at 11:00 PM EDT on Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

Teenage boys who came here as exchange students, were the victims of a Vineland, New Jersey man who gave them alcohol, exposed himself, and then tried to take off their pants, according to police.

The man accused is John Kinka, a volunteer for the ASSE student exchange program. He acts as a liaison between the students and their host families. The teens — from the Czech Republic and France — are going to school in Delaware but they stayed at Kinka’s house on Saturday to attend an exchange program conference, police say.

An off-duty officer in Vineland found the teens, both 17, wandering the streets around 4 a.m. Sunday. But they were afraid to say anything because they thought it might get them kicked out of the foreign-exchange program, according to police. They didn’t talk about what allegedly happened until they were back with their host family.

Kinka, 49, always passed his annual background checks, according to police. The exchange program’s president said they do some routine checks before taking on volunteers.

«Other than checking references, doing background checks and doing all we can with the schools, there’s not much more that we can do,» ASSE President Bill Gustafon told NBC10’s Daralene Jones.

They’re investigating whether any of the other 30 students he had contact with experienced trouble.

Kinka has been let go at Vineland High School where he was an assistant basketball coach for the girls’ team. Students who were interviewed said they never had inappropriate contact with him, according to the school. Kinka has also been relieved of his duties at a local radio station where he worked in sales.

Kinka was arrested and charged with lewd conduct and giving alcohol to minors.

Published at 10:08 PM EDT on Jan 31, 2013

2013 May 30: Probation for VHS coach in deal

2010: US Department of State uttalelse om saken i Scranton, Pennsylvania

U.S. Department of State

The health, safety and welfare of the 30,000 high school students who participate each year in high school exchange programs, regulated by the Department of State, are among the Department’s highest priorities. These exchanges are important opportunities for young people from other countries to learn about and experience the United States, and we do our utmost to make them positive and rewarding experiences.

We are deeply troubled by any reports of incidents or allegations. They are investigated completely and transparently by the appropriate officials.

There are regulations in place to govern these programs. They can be found at, under resources 22 CFR 62.25. The Department expects all private sector sponsors to adhere to these regulations, especially ensuring that participants are safely situated and host families are properly vetted.

When we learn about a specific situation, we immediately contact the sponsoring organization involved and ask them to investigate. We gather full information, and act swiftly and appropriately.

The sponsor must provide a report to the Department on the situation along with copies of documentation available to them on the participant’s program, including copies of the student application, the host family application form, local coordinator notes, and copies of the criminal background check. The Department then determines whether all regulatory requirements have been followed, including whether an incident was reported to local law enforcement.

  • The Department has completed its review of two recent cases – one in Scranton, PA and one in Fort Lewis, WA – and has determined that regulatory violations took place and is taking appropriate action to hold the private sector sponsoring organization accountable.



USA: DofS Regulations: Selection of Host Families

USA: DofS Regulations: Program sponsor eligibility

USA: DofS Regulations: Exchange Student Obligations and Rights