CSIET non-endorsement

«Listing is neither an endorsement of an organization nor a guarantee of the quality of its programs. In addition, listing by CSIET does not suggest that only listed organizations are legitimate.» (CSIET)

Criminal backgrounds

 “When we looked at 7,000 applicants, we didn’t think it would uncover 700 people that have criminal histories.”

~ Jim Samuels, Senior Official, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 2011

California State regulations re. exchange students

(f) Selection of host families and assignment of students shall be made as far in advance of the student’s arrival as possible, but in no event less than three weeks prior to departure from the student’s home.

Authority cited: Section 12627, Government Code. Reference: Sections 12627 and 12629, Government Code


USA: Regulations

§ Sec. 62. 25 Secondary school students.

(d) Program administration: (10) Refrain, without exception, from acting as: (i) Both a host family and a local coordinator or area supervisor for an exchange student;

Lånekassen: Eleven får støtte, IKKE utvekslingsorganisasjonen

Kunnskapsdepartementet ikke gir direkte økonomisk støtte til denne typen utvekslingsorganisasjoner. Elever som reiser på utvekslingsopphold i regi av utvekslingsorganisasjoner kan imidlertid få støtte fra Lånekassen.

Støtte fra Lånekassen forutsetter at Kunnskapsdepartementet på forhånd har godkjent utvekslingsorganisasjonen som eleven reiser med for støtterett.

US Regulations

§ Sec. 62. 25 Secondary school students.
(f) Student enrollment.
(2) Under no circumstance may a sponsor facilitate the entry into the United States of an exchange student for whom a written school placement has not been secured.

Storbritannia / United Kingdom 1

«In UK look right before crossing road»

Skottland / Scotland / Scotia 1

In the West, don’t mention religion. Catholic/protestant causes more fights than anything else. Even saying you follow Celtic/Rangers can be enough.

In the North, any mention of sheep-shagging will get you punched.(Dette er visst fordi de blir mobbet en del for det av alle andre)

In Edinburgh, if you say you like Glasgow or the West, you will immediately be hated.

And basically in all of Scotland, if you praise England or suggest we are one country, you will not be welcome.

Underrapportering om seksuelle overgrep

The US Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students had reported that over 18 months, 33 foreign exchange students living in the US had declared having been raped or abused by members of their host families. Mr. Gould also found that from 2000 cases of abuse of children placed in homestays in 1998, only 1% had been reported to law enforcement agencies; the rest had been reported to tour operators, teachers or adults. No further action could, therefore, be taken and, consequently, there was a situation of under-reporting on this problem and very little information on the offenders.

Chris Gould fra Child-Safe